Director of St. Wilfrid Retires After the Service of 25 Years

St. Wilfrid’s Centre for the homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded is bidding farewell to its Director Kevin Bradley, who has been in service for 25 long years.

Going back in time on Kevin’s role, one man recalled that he came to St Wilfrid’s when his wife died. Before coming to the centre, he used to sit in silence until Kevin convinced him to play a game of snooker with him.

“Kevin has been wonderful”, he adds.

He has always been there for the centre and has helped it reach to where it is now for over two decades. He made it more than a home; he developed it into a world of activities and happiness inside that red building on Queen’s Road.

The Charity house was established in 1991 to support the homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded people. Since then the facility has only grown in order to provide best to its resident.

Kevin has been associated with the centre for the last 25 years. Prior to that he was working as a sales manager. He then volunteered to help the centre and never left.

One of the most extraordinary incidents that happened during his course was when he met interior designer and philanthropist, Simrin Choudhrie during the airing of The Secret Millionaire reality TV show, she later donated £100,000 to the centre.

Simrin came and stayed with the people at St. Wilfrid Centre disguised as a bankrupt pregnant woman and was touched by the lives of people living there. She was so in love with the place that she even named her son after it- Kabir Bhanu Wilfrid Choudhrie.

Kevin was bowled over by the generous donation made by Simrin Choudhrie and was happy that she is now an integral part of the St Wilfrid Centre.

Although Kevin is now retiring, he will always be connected to St. Wilfrid’s in some or other way.

“The centre has made my life richer. I will be sad to leave. It has been my life and I will miss it.”


Author: Simrin Choudhrie

Simrin Choudhrie, director of Path to Success, studied at the Inchbald School of design and is now Director and Shareholder of Bach Interiors Limited. Simrin has been a Trustee for Path to Success since its conception, as well as this she has involvement in several other charitable institutes. Simrin’s philanthropy was honoured in November 2012 when she was presented with the GG2 Social Entrepreneur of the year award.

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