Simrin Choudhrie – The Secret Millionaire Personifying Benevolence

Simrin Choudhrie is a known name for her efforts to uplift underprivileged section of society. An interior designer by profession and a philanthropist by choice, Simrin has continually added to the benefit of society and is also a trustee to various charity organisations including Mane Chance Sanctuary, a Guildford organisation which is a home for abandoned and abused horses.

Simrin Choudhrie - renowned interior designer

Simrin has always believed spending time between underprivileged to address their issues and understand their plight. This was one of the reasons that led her to feature on hit reality TV show “Secret Millionaire” where millionaires stay incognito at poverty stricken areas to understand their issues closely and the challenges they have to live through. Simrin too stayed disguised as an impoverished pregnant woman at St. Wilfrid’s Centre for vulnerable and socially excluded. Her love for the people she stayed with and their major concerns pushed her to sign the biggest amount of charity ever received on the show.

After knowing who she really is, everybody at the centre including director Kevin Bradley was taken aback. He stated: “What she has done for St Wilfrid’s is absolutely mind-blowing.

“When she revealed who she was it just felt surreal – things like that don’t happen in real life, or so you think.”

She got so attached and drawn towards the people that it pushed her to sign the biggest donation cheque ever received on the show.

“The money she has pledged will make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people in Sheffield.”

According to Kevin, the bond now formed between Simrin and others extends more than charity; it’s a relationship for life.

“She is such a lovely girl,” Kevin said. “You would never know where she came from – there was nothing pretentious about her.

“At different points I did start to think there was something a little mysterious about her,” Kevin said. “But I could never really get to the bottom of it.

“When the time came for her to reveal herself to me I’d convinced myself I was being silly – so I was certainly shocked when she told me she was millionaire!

“She was really upset – crying that she felt like she had been deceitful towards me – and she said she felt bad because she had come to see me as a kind of father figure.

“Everybody was crying when she came out with the news, we just couldn’t believe it. It was a very emotional day.”

Simrin has equal love and regard for Wilfrid, which became evident when she named her son Kabir Bhanu Wilfrid Choudhrie.

“That’s how much she loves the place – she wanted to name her son after us!” Kevin said.

Simrin’s initiative for people undoubtedly is heartwarming and an assurance that kindness is still alive in our society.


A Closer Look At Secret Millionaire Simrin Choudhrie’s Life

Everybody looks up to people who are a source of inspiration and Simrin Choudhrie is one such woman who defies the paradoxes of society and has built an identity of her own. An all-rounder in the true sense of the word, Simrin is an interior designer, a generous philanthropist, a wife and a mother. Over the years, Simrin has kept herself immersed in charity work.


Descending from the higher class of society, Simrin has always believed in spending time amid needy and poor to understand their issues and address them efficiently. This was one of the reasons that she decided to feature on the famous TV reality show “Secret Millionaire” where millionaires are made to stay incognito at poverty stricken areas and understand the miserable conditions people reside in. Simrin stayed at the St. Wilfrid’s Centre for vulnerable people disguised as an impoverished, pregnant lady. She was quite moved by the people she stayed with and ended up signing the biggest amount of charity ever received on the show. Post this she also became one of the patrons of this Sheffield charity.

An interior designer by profession, Simrin pursued her graduation in architectural interior from the Inchbald School of Design and is the founder and director of Bach Interiors Limited. She also is the trustee of Mane Chance Sanctuary, an organisation in Guildford which is a home for abandoned and abused horses set up by actress Jenny Seagrove.

She is also the trustee for ‘Path to Success,’ a London based charity house set up by Anita Choudhrie. The charity house works for uplifting the neglected section of society, supports causes and collects funds to curb the issues posed in front of them. Picking particular causes every year, this year they have been dedicatedly accumulating funds for London Titans Wheelchair Basketball Club. They also arranged a fund raiser wheelchair basketball tournament in April, and the funds collected were later spent on buying new custom wheelchairs, training equipment and for booking venues for training sessions of London Titans. So far they have collected £42,000 for the team.

Simrin’s endless efforts were recognised and she was awarded with the GG2 Social Entrepreneur of the year award in November 2012. She embodies the traits of every responsible citizen should have in the 21st century.